Benefits of Drinking Coffee Pre Workout

So every morning we see people drinking these massive cans of energy drinks within the gym, and that we just aren't getting it... why spend hours understanding to seem and feel great only to drink a load of rubbish?! Remember muscles are made within the kitchen so confirm you select a pre workout energy drink that's 100% natural and has positive effect on your body...

70% Diet + 30% Gym = 100% Beast!

There's no better pre workout drink than an ethically produced, toxin free, high caffeine coffee!

Burn More Calories

Many studies have proven that drinking coffee prior to working out is likely to result in more calories being burned and greater fat loss. When caffeine is consumed it speeds up the metabolism and makes you burn more calories. In addition, caffeine can result in fat cells being used as an energy source rather than glycogen. Another benefit is that caffeine acts as a hunger suppressant meaning that you consume less and so burn fat stores.

Improved Circulation

Scientific research has proven that drinking coffee improves blood flow rates. Better circulation results in more oxygen to your muscles, and as a result leads to a better workout! Your muscles need oxygen to feed on and push out those extra reps at heavier weights!

Less Pain and improved endurance

Many studies have been carried out to prove that drinking coffee prior to high intensity exercise results in reduced perceived muscle pain and level of exertion. In summary, drink coffee; push harder, move faster and workout for extended . A report in Sports Medicine refers to caffeine as a "powerful ergogenic aid".

Improved Focus and Mental Performance

"Your mind will quit 100 times before your body ever does: feel the pain and roll in the hay anyway".

Along with increasing your energy levels a good black coffee will increase your mental focus. You may have heard the above phrase... drink coffee and put yourself within the state of mind where you'll press on beyond the pain barrier, make your workout more productive and get those gains.

Caffeine also improves memory, which proves a big boost to your workout If you're requires to recall a specific exercise, technique or routine.

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