Types Of Doctors And What They Do

To be a doctor is more a calling than a profession. To be a doctor means saving hundreds of human lives, making them feel better and healthier. Since doctors have other person’s life in their hands they must be professional, careful and serious. There aren’t many rooms for mistakes in this field of study. Due to the complexion of human’s body, every doctor has the chance to specialize one flied of study. There are many types of doctors so every doctor can make the best out of his field of work.

There are different fields of study that can show you what kinds of doctors there are:


In this category we have doctors that are dealing with general illnesses, usually they are not terminal. This doctors are performing operations, assisting in operations and taking care of their patients. In this category we have doctors that are dealing with illnesses special for some age, like pediatrics and geriatricians, who are treating infants, children or elderly patients.

Anesthesiologist  – studies and doses anesthesia during some operation, makes sure everything is alright during procedure

Emergency doctor – on call during entire day, does emergency cases, specializes in emergency practice

General physician/Family doctor- is connected with some family, it is a doctor who treats miner illnesses, colds or headaches

General pediatricians – doctor specialized for children, infants, toddlers  and treats miner illnesses

Geriatrician – doctor specialized for older people treats their health’s complications

Hospitalist – works in hospital, specialized for patients who are in hospitals

Internal medical doctor –Doctor specialized in adult medicine, treats adult conditions that aren’t life threating

Intensive care specialist -  doctor specialized for serious illnesses, where patient’s life is in danger and his organs are on support, deals with patients that are in coma

Palliative care specialist -  doctor specialized in reducing pain for patients who suffer from illnesses

Surgeons – specialized in surgery, performs different operation, works with an anesthesiologist

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doctors for organsHere are listed doctors which are specialized for organs in our abdominal space. We have doctors that are specialized in liver, kidney, colon, stomach and urinary tract. They are treating from simple disorders to very serious  ones that are attacking some organ in our body.

Hepatologist -  doctors specialized in liver, diagnoses and treat all liver conditions and complications

Gastrologist – doctor specialized in stomach, diagnoses and treats all stomach conditions and complications

Nephrologist – doctor specialized in kidneys, diagnoses and treats all kidney conditions and complications

Rectal/ Colon surgeon – doctor specialized in rectal and colon, diagnoses, treats all rectal, anal and colon conditions and complications

Urologist – specialized in urinary tract, diagnoses and treats all urinary track conditions and complications, including urinary system and kidney

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Sometimes it happens that man and woman can’t have children, due to their reproduction problems. This are the doctors that are dealing with fertility problems of both, men and women to help them make a family of their own.  They are even handling difficult births like C-sections.

Andrologist – specialized for male reproductive organs, diagnoses and treats their complications and conditions

Fertility specialist – specialized for patients with fertility problems, diagnoses and treats all complications with hormones, infertility and menopause

Gynecologist – specialized for female reproductive organs, diagnoses and treats their complications and conditions

Obstetrician/ Gynecologist – specialized in complicated and difficult births, specialized in C-sections, does ovarial removal surgery and PAP smears

Sexual medicine practitioner – diagnoses and treats problem related to function of both male and female reproductive organs and other conditions

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coldThis types of doctors are taking care of our senses. They are making sure we don’t have difficulties hearing, seeing, talking, touching and smelling. If you have a problem with any of this, contact suitable expert who will help you get rid of the problem, surgically or in any other way.

Audiologist – specialized in ears and ear conditions, like hearing problems, diagnoses and treat those problems

Dermatologist – specialized in skin as the biggest human organ, diagnoses and treats all skin problems and conditions

Opthamologist – specialized in eyes problems, diagnoses and treats eye conditions, preforms a medical surgeries in some minor illnesses

Otolaryngologist / ENT specialist – ENT stands for eye, nose and throat, specialized in ENT, diagnoses and treats minor problems and conditions

Periodontist – Specialized for teeth, treats teeth conditions and makes simple surgical operations

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Cancer is one of the most serious problem that hits people. There isn’t a 100% correct sure for cancer, but there are method that can work. This category of doctors is helping and treating patients that have cancer with radio action, chemotherapy or surgically removing infected area.

Medical oncologist – specialized in cancer general, treat patients with other specialist for kind of cancer patient has

Pediatric oncologist – specialized in cancer in general, but diagnoses and treats children, toddlers and infants

Radiation oncologist – doctor specialized in way of treating cancer, treats cancer with radiation, need to know the right amount and period between radiations for patient

Surgical oncologist – specialized in treating cancer surgically, before treating cancer does the biopsy to see what kind of cancer it is. Surgically removes cancer and all suspicious tissues


bone doctorIf you fracture your bone, you must go to this field of expert because bones are important for movement of an individual. This doctors will help you heal properly, give you strength through rehabilitation and treatments that will make you healthy again.

Orthopedist – specialized in bones, deals with broken bones, treats all fractures, bones and joint conditions

Orthopedic surgeon – specialized in bones, treats broken bones with surgical operations, for more complexes fracture

Podiatris – specialized in feet, diagnoses and treats all complications and conditions regarding to foot and ankle

Rheumatologist – specialized in rheumatism, treats all kinds of rheumatic problems and conditions, including vasculitis and autoimmune conditions


Sometimes disorder that someone has can’t bee seen, but it is there. This mental disorders are treated by this types of doctors, that are taking care of patients with disorders and behavior problems. Psychiatrists are doctors that are dealing with mental disorders that can even make the patient commit a crime.

Forensic psychiatrist – specialized in psychiatry, deals with behavior problems and mental conditions in criminal science

General psychiatrist – specialized in psychiatry, diagnoses and treats all mental disorders and conditions, including any kind of mental problem

Geriatric psychiatrist – specialized in psychiatry, diagnoses and treats all mental disorders with old patient, like Alzheimer’s disease

Neuropsychiartist – specialized in brain conditions, finds correlation between brain condition and mental disorder patient has and treats it


Hormonal disorder can make our body sick, even infertile and that is why hormonal balance in our body is important. Both men and women have the same hormones, but the difference is in their amount. If that amount isn’t good, you can go to this doctor kinds to make it balanced again.

Hormone doctor / endocrinologist – specialized in hormonal balance, diagnoses and treats all hormonal disorders and its consequences

Pediatric endocrinologist – specialized in hormonal balance, diagnoses and treats all hormonal disorders and its consequences in infants, toddlers and children


allergie doctorIf someone has low immunity system he will have allergies. Sometimes allergies can be fatal and that is why we have to see if we are allergic and how our body shows that. Doctors for allergies will help you see what allergies you have, if you have them, and help you treat them

Allergist – specialized in kinds of allergies, diagnoses allergies and treats allergic reactions which patient has due to immune condition

Immunologist – specialized in immune system, diagnoses and treats all conditions which are related to patient’s immune system


Blood and lungs are connected because the air, actually oxygen, we are breathing is going in our blood and feed our body. The unnecessary CO2, goes out through our lungs. This types of doctors make sure that our lungs work correctly and that this O2 and CO2 exchange works properly.

Hematologist – specialized in blood cells, diagnoses and treats all conditions and disorders related to the blood

Pulmonologist – specialized in lungs, diagnoses and treats all conditions and problems related to the lungs and respiratory system


A doctor with stethoscope examining red heartHearth is one big pump that pumps blood with all nutrients everywhere in our body which makes it one of the most important organs we have. This doctors types are taking car of our heart, making it strong and watching for all irregularities that can happen in our hearts and our arteries and veins.

Cardiologist – main doctor for heart problems,  specialized in heart conditions, diagnoses and treats heart problems

Pediatric cardiologist – specialized in heart problems, his main field are infants with heart complications

Vascular medical specialist – diagnoses and treats vascular system, including complications with arteries, veins and lymph


Our nervous system is what keeps us alive, it receives stimulus from the environment and makes us react to it. Brain is our main nervous organ and it is connected to our entire body through nervous system. Neurologist and neurosurgeon are taking care of our brain, if there is some problem they are doing their best to make it dissapear, through treatments and surgery procedures.

Neurologist – specialized in nervous system and brain, diagnoses and treats all conditions and problems related to the brain or nervous system

Neurosurgeon -  specialized in nervous system and brain, diagnoses and treats all conditions related to the brain or nervous system by surgery and operation


doctorSometimes it can happen some situation that hasn’t happened before. This situations are very delicate and this doctor types are dealing with them. If there is a massive disease, some parasite or we just don’t know what is wrong with one patient, this doctors will find a solution.

Diagnostician – studies symptoms patient has and due to the list of symptoms makes test to see which illness has the patient, the most famous diagnostician is serial Dr. House.

Epidemologist – studies illnesses that affect large area, a town or some population, prevent from spreading this diseases and eventually suppress it for good.

Parasitologist – specialized in parasites, studies their behavior, biology and pathology and prevents them from spreading through the patient’s body and people around it.